Strictly an economy-based class.

No performance modifications of any type will be allowed.


These rules are in effect as of 8/15/2010. This publication supersedes all previous I-10 SPEEDWAY rules and rule updates.

I-10 SPEEDWAY reserves the right to alter or amend the rules and regulations in the interest of safety, cost control, and/or fair competition. It is the responsibility of each competitor to read and understand the contents of these rules. If there is a disagreement or dispute regarding the meaning or application of these rules, the decision of the I-10 SPEEDWAY Race Director shall prevail.

No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of I-10 SPEEDWAY racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.

No pretense is made for having designed a foolproof set of rules and regulations. The spirit and intent of the rules is the standard by which I-10 SPEEDWAY events will be governed. The I-10 SPEEDWAY Race Director is authorized to decide if an equipment change or modification is an attempt to circumvent these rules. The I-10 SPEEDWAY Race Director can and will disqualify a race car in violation of the spirit and intent of these rules. If this rulebook does not specifically state that you can alter, change, or otherwise modify something on your car, you should consider it a violation of these rules. No part is deemed to have been approved by I-10 SPEEDWAY by passing through prior technical inspections.

The Race Director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the Race Director. His/her decision is final.

These rules are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. All participants, guest and crew members fully understand that racing is inherently dangerous and that they are exposed to risks of death or serious bodily injury. The participants, guest and crew members voluntarily assume these risks.

Factory Stock Race Procedures

All cars must go through tech before qualifying.
Qualifying – 1 Lap
The top 4 in qualifying will NOT be the dash cars week after week. We will pre-pick a group of 4 before the event.



A. Any 1960 or newer sedan or station wagon. No convertibles, pick-ups, or Jeeps.

B.110 inch wheel base and longer must weigh at least 3,450 lbs and 54.0% maximum left side weight with driver.

108 inch wheel base must be weight at least 3,550 lbs and 53.0% maximum left side weight with driver. Weight must be located inside the driver area.
All added weight must have two ½ inch grade 8 nuts and bolts with large washers top and bottom approved by tech.
Cars that are overweight may remove inner pannels, and non necessary parts.
All non necessary parts removed must be approved by tech.

C. No Camaros, Firebirds, Mustangs, or similar type cars. No Novas or smaller-type cars

D. Strictly an economy based class, no performance modifications of any type will be allowed.

E. All installations must be tech approved. I-10 SPEEDWAY reserves the right to refuse any car not constructed within the spirit of the rules.

F. All casting numbers and part numbers must remain intact and unaltered. (V.I.N. Number)


A. Complete bumper-to-bumper steel body must be retained.

B. The stock floor pan, fire walls, trunk, trunk floor, and rear wheel wells must remain intact. (front wheel wells may be removed). Must maintain stock radiator core support.

C. Car must be strictly stock. No cutting, chopping, channeling or shortening allowed.

D. No holes in the hood. Hood must be kept in place at all times (minimum 2 hood pins or fasteners are mandatory).

E. Body sheet metal must be kept in place at all times.

F. All lights, trim and upholstery must be removed. Stock front seat is allowed.

G. All doors must be welded, chained or bolted shut.

H. Inner panel of driver door may be removed to allow proper installation of roll bars. This rule applies only when adding more than one door bar.

I. Inner panel of passenger door may be removed, for door bars only.

J. No gutting of body parts including hood, door lid, etc. Dash may be removed for dash rollbar or crossbar only.

K. No gaps allowed at bottom of doors and at doors and firewalls.


A. Stock frames only. No modifications. No alterations of any type allowed.

B. Minimum clearance of 7" is required for both front and rear, measured under any frame rail, with driver in car ready for competition.

C. No alterations, customizing, or reinforcing of the chassis, other than the roll cage.

D. Roll cage must attach securely and safely to frame. Rear kicker may be attached to frame for safety purposes only, and must be covered. May NOT extend out of driver's compartment.


A. No modifying of suspension is allowed.

B. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model of car – absolutely no cutting for clearance.

C. Ride height of 7" rule will be strictly enforced. Measured from lowest point of frame rail, with driver.

D. Maximum camber allowances right front – 3 degree.

E. Maximum camber allowance left front – 3 degree.

F. No stock mount racing shocks. No racing shocks painted to hide brand.

G. Stock replacement shocks only.

H. Stock coil or leaf springs only. NO AFTER MARKET SPRINGS.


A. Stock steering only. No after market parts designed to lower, widen, correct bump steer, or geometry.

B. No steering quickeners allowed.


A. Engines must remain stock for make, model, and year of car being used. All engines are subject to tech approval. (V.I.N Number)

B. Engine blocks must be a V-8 type or V-6 type and be stock factory production.

C. No aluminum intake manifolds allowed, including factory performance manifolds.

D. All internal engine parts must remain OEM specifications as to size, shape, weight and finish. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

E. Any procedure associated with a common rebuild will be allowed. (Must be approved by Race Director)

F. Engine and transmission mounts must remain stock.


a. Cylinder heads must be "stock factory production".

b. Valve must be stock factory production specifications. No dual valve springs.

c. All rockers maximum 1.50 stamped steel only. No long slot rockers, no roller rockers or roller tip rockers, no stud girdles allowed.


A. Stock fans only.

B. No electric fans allowed. OEM factory electric fans allowed

C. Water overflow catch can unit required.

D. No anti-freeze or other coolant in radiators. Water only.

E.After market radiators allowed.


A. No headers allowed.

B. No performance or racing mufflers of any type.

C. Exhaust must extend behind driver.

D. Maximum exhaust size 2 1/2".

E. Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds only.

F. 95 DBA at 100 ft.


A. Automatic transmissions only.

B. All parts to remain stock.

C. Rear end may be locked.

D. Automatic transmissions must have functional torque converter.


A. Stock four wheel brakes required in good working order.

B. All brakes must function.

C. No inline adjustors allowed.


A. Approved tire only; stock street type tire. No racing tires allowed. 8 inch tread max!

One tire may be one size bigger or smaller than the other three.

Sample: 3 Tires 235-15 One tire 225-15

B. Minimum air pressure is 30 lbs. for all four tires.

C. Wheels may be reinforced.

D. Maximum 7 ½" steel wheel only. Outside to outside of wheel lip.

E. No mag wheels, special wheels or offset wheels allowed. No rally wheels.

F. Steel stock type wheels only. No aluminum, magnesium or similar type wheels allowed.

G. No bleeder valves permitted.

H. 5/8 " studs and large lug nuts. Ford ½" left side only okay. (not mandatory)

I. If flat tire or wheel loss occurs, it shall be mandatory to immediately, and in a safe manner, leave the race course. We will not allow track damage.


A. For safety, battery may be located behind the driver and securely fastened and sealed in minimum 18 gauge leak proof steel box. Plastic boxes not permitted. Lid must be removable without tools.

B. All cars must have a battery.

C. No two way radio communication allowed.

D. All cars will have starters in good working order with switches clearly marked, and accessible to the driver while strapped in, as well as from outside the car. All cars must be able to start on their own power to maintain their starting position. All cars must be turned off during introduction. If the car does not start on it's own power, it will be pushed to start and given the opportunity to take one lap and return to the starting line. If car fails to start on it's own power a second time, it will be push-started and will then lose its starting position and will start at the rear of the starting field. Exception, alternate car will be allowed to run Trophy Dash if car can not start under its own power.

E. Stock ignition only. No MSD type aftermarket performance parts allowed, including but not limited to, coil, module, cap, rotor, etc.


A. Gas tank must be located over the rear end or inside the trunk area. It can NOT be under the trunk floor by the back bumper.

B. No gaps or holes allowed in rear firewall.


A. No dual line double pumpers.

B. One 2 bbl. Or one 4 bbl. Carburetor only for make and year. Stock electric fuel pump and stock fuel injection permitted, for make and year. Must have cut off switch on fuel injected cars. (V.I.N. Number)

C. Two throttle return springs MANDATORY on all carburetors, mounted to the engine.

D. No modifications allowed to any carburetor or fuel injection systems allowed.

E. No controlled vacuum leaks allowed.

15. FUEL

A. Pump or track fuel only.


A. Driver's protection bars must remain within the driver's area. At no time may they pass through any firewall, no forward or rearward bars may protrude from roll cage. Minimum of one 1¾" roll bar .090 wall. This roll bar configuration is the minimum you can run. STARTING NOWAug. 2010 Four Point rollbar cage is manditory.

B. A NASCAR legal, 6-point roll cage is OK. 1¾" .090 wall gusset as necessary for strength.

C. A minimum of 1 door roll bars on each side.

D. Roll bars must be padded at any point a driver may come in contact. Driver door must be padded.


A. For all safety equipment. It will be the sole responsibility of the driver, not I-10 SPEEDWAY, their agents/officials or corporate officers to ensure that his/her safety equipment is correctly installed, maintained, and properly used. Please refer to manufacturer installation on usage guidelines and adhere to them.

B. Aluminum professionally built high back racing seat is permitted. No plastic, etc.

C. Seat must be securely bolted.

D. A three- (3) point safety harness, with quick release is mandatory! 3" wide lap belt, 2" or 3" shoulder belts. All belts shall be attached to roll cage using minimum 3/8 grade 8 hardware and safety cables.

E. Cotton harness components prohibited.

F. Safety harnesses/seat belts may be no more than three (3) years old. If necessary, proof of purchase may be required.

G. Safety helmet must meet Snell 2000 testing standards, bear proper identification, and have no signs of previous damage. No off road or motorcycle type allowed.

H. Window net mandatory! Minimum 1" mesh with release at top only. Within 3 years old.

I. Approved racing shoes and uniform recommended. (Starting January 1, 2008, all drivers must have fire suit mandatory at all times).

J. Eye protection is mandatory and must be in proper place at all times.

K. All cars will be required to have in their pits a minimum of one 5 pound, Halon or dry chemical fire extinguisher. This is to be visible to tech officials and all crewmembers. All crew members must be made aware of its location, and knowledgeable in the use of the fire extinguisher.


A. Stock only.

B. No hidden reinforcement or nerf bars allowed.


A. No adding of weight.

B. No movable weight permitted.

C. 108" wheel base 3,550 lbs 53.0% left with driver.

D. 110" wheel base cars - 3,450 lbs 54.0% left


A. Stock windshields permitted or a minimum of 1/8 " thick lexan windshield covering all windshield opening.

B. Mesh screens are permitted.

C. Back window and all other glass must be removed.

D. All mirrors subject to tech approval.


A. All cars must have a name or sponsor name on both doors. If you want a number on your car, put it behind the rear tires, or on the hood.

B. Advertising that is deemed to be unsuitable/offensive, will not be allowed. Decision of I-10 SPEEDWAY Race Director will be official.

C. Series sponsor decals, if any, must be placed on designated location of car to be eligible for awards. This is to be completed PRIOR to competing in any event.


A. The use of a two-way radio for communication with a spotter and/or pit crew member is not allowed.


A. No transmitting or listening devices.

B. No electronic monitoring computer devices capable of storing or transmitting information except tachometers.

C. No digital gauges, timing retard controls or oxygen sensors allowed.

D. No electronic traction control devices allowed.


A. Points will go to drivers. Championship for the season will be determined by points. Top three teams in points will receive trophies

B. Driver can win three main events per racing season. After he or she has three wins, that driver will get no more points or main event wins. The car remains in for total season points.

C. Factory Stocks will race for trophies (one for the dash and one for the main event).

D. The only cost to race is a pit pass.

E. Factory Stocks can run on any open test & tune day. On race days, Factory Stocks will have one open test & tune after the other divisions.

F. Driver must attend the driver's meeting.

G. RIDE-A-LONG. Hot lapping, qualifying, heat races and all test & tunes you can have a ride-a-long. NO RIDE-A-LONG IN MAIN EVENT.

For tech approval call:

Greg Scheidecker: 1-800-342-2512
Kirk Almquist: 704-658-7814
Henry Rinaldo: 760-921-5516
Joe Boire: 760-921-5517


°F | °C
Humidity: 54%
67 | 94
19 | 34
Mostly Sunny
68 | 95
20 | 35

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